Live Edge Mirror

This was a project that I saw on Pinterest and I knew immediately that it would be a good gift idea, I just didn’t know who it would have been best for. Christmas 2016 I knew exactly who this gift would be for, I had my brother Caleb’s name and I knew this would be perfect in his house that he has been flipping.

Thank you to East Coast Creative Blog for the idea.


I used the purchase recommendation list from the East Coast Blog and it was perfect.

Free hand drawing the “river” in the middle of the board at first was a daunting task because painting and drawing isn’t my thing.



Between the initial cutting and the final step of putting it together I didn’t take any pictures. Below are a couple steps I took to get the look I was after.

  1. I chipped away some of the “river” edge to a non perfect edge.
  2. I sanded the edge and roughed up the piece of wood a little
  3. I used a blow torch to burn the wood, knots in the wood and other surface areas to make certain areas darker than the others.









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